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2024 Pride Show

Marcus Rothering

October 11 - November 4, 2024

Opening Reception: 

Saturday,  Oct 12,  5 to 8 pm

Join Rubine Red Gallery for the first show of the 2024-25 Season as we introduce Represented Artist Marcus Rothering to Southern California.

from Marcus Rothering:

In my artwork, I use hand-building techniques because the marks left during the process leave evidence of my physical interactions with clay. When I work with clay I connect with my emotions and desires by having an interactive conversation with the clay. While I slowly build up clay coils from the bottom, my marks remain recording these secret exchanges of my feelings. By working on a larger scale the most satisfying part of coil-building is that it allows me to observe progressive growth through the process.


Recently I have reawakened my love for fiber art with my tufting gun making wall textiles and incorporating common hand construction textile processes with clay.


To participate in the "Collector Preview", Please email us HERE.

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