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Shipping Policy

Rubine Red will ship wherever you are!


Because each artwork is so different in shape and size, it is virtually impossible to figure out shipping costs ahead of time.  So, once your purchase is complete, we will work with you diligently to ensure your artwork arrives safety at its destination and cost-effectively.  Shipping and packing charges apply for non-local deliveries.

Return Policy

Returns and exchanges of purchased artwork 

are at the sole discretion of the Rubine Red staff.

Artwork damaged after delivery cannot be returned.

IMPORTANT:  Please open and inspect your artwork immediately upon arrival.  If artwork arrives to you potentially damaged (even if the packaging looks damaged) please take photos and call the gallery immediately.  DO NOT discard the outer shipment container.

Privacy & Safety

Our customers are our lifeblood and our inspiration.

Please reach out to our staff with any questions or suggestions to make your experience at Rubine Red the best it could be.

Customer Care

Rubine Red is a safe space for all people and ideals.

We take your privacy very seriously.  

We will not sell or share your private information EVER,

unless you give us permission to do so.

Policies, Shipping & Returns

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