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Patrick Nelson

Colorful, playful paint, stain and collage with a mid-century nod and retro vibe.

About Patrick Nelson:

Patrick studied Art and Design at Cal Poly SLO, then continued his studies with graduate work in Graphic Design at The Academy of Art University.  In the decade plus since, he has split his time between the worlds of Branding,  Advertising and creating Fine Art.  Today he is a full-time fine artist residing in the Bay Area.


Artist Statement


I construct graphic, timeless images from hand-stained newspaper, juxtaposing modern designs with retro content. The lively graphic characteristics of vintage print-media balance the reductive approach to my subject matter. 

The detail in my newspaper clippings represent the texture of society; viewers can feel that sense of history frozen in time.  We are made up, after all, of the memories and lessons of our past.  A person takes in the headlines, stories and advertisements, experiences them in the context of the artwork at large, and draws connections between the two.

I attribute my current aesthetic to my background as a designer in the advertising industry.  Pair that with a long-time love of vintage and craft, and you get a graphic blend of old and new.  Lastly, my reoccurring beach-casual theme is pulled from a magnetic attraction to water and the simplicity of life that often surrounds it.

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