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Nikki Virbitsky


Fiber Art that is delicate, meticulous and makes you smile!

About Nikki Virbitsky:

Nikki is a fiber artist (and sometimes a painter, jewelry maker, and taxidermist) from Pennsylvania who recently relocated to Palm Springs in search of new inspirations and a greater abundance of naturally sourced Vitamin D.  

Her embroideries feature a vibrant color pallet juxtaposed with antique elements, and are a playful mix of syrupy sweet and hauntingly tender. She also creates hand dyed and hand spun art yarns used by fiber artists across the globe.

Nikki studied fine arts at Keystone College and illustration at The Hussian School of Art. She is an art educator, and a 12 year faculty member at the nations first tuition free art school, The Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia.

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