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Malcolm Myers - Paintings:
Early Work & Oddities

The following is an overview of

Early Work & Oddities, Number Series

paintings currently in the Malcolm Myers Estate Collection.

This collection is divided into Categories and Series.

Please contact the gallery directly to inquire about any specific artwork.

Click on each image to see work-specific details.

Early and Oddities


Malcolm Myers' earliest works originated around the oil fields of Texas circa 1933 when, as a 15 year old, he accompanied his father on a long term trip to find work to support their family. 

In subsequent years, Myers attended art school in Iowa City, Iowa, thanks to the patronage of a wealthy family friend in Wichita, Kansas, his hometown.  During WWII (after completing his first Master of Fine Arts in Watercolor) Myers spent his Merchant Marine deployment in New York City, returning to Iowa to finish his second Masters of Fine Art -- in Printmaking under the mentorship of Mauricio Lasansky.


The works below are an assemblage of his earliest creations -- from school coursework to poster contest entries to painterly documentation of the African American Jazz Clubs of New York City in 1943, most of which have vanished.

Number Series


The "Number Series" is an odd grouping of works in the Myers estate.  The "Why" behind the series is unknown...but in a way it doesn't mater...Like most of Myers' art they are happy and light and evoke a colorful smile.

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