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Malcolm Myers - Paintings:

The following is an overview of


paintings currently in the Malcolm Myers Estate Collection.

This collection is divided into Categories and Series.

Please contact the gallery directly to inquire about any specific artwork.

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For Malcolm Myers' entire 60+ year career, the Animal Kingdom was a source of inspiration.  He created creature characters big and small, including: Fox in Costume, The City Mouse, Balzac the Bear, Minnesota Rabbit, Charlie Wolf, Owls and Aardvarks, Cows and Crows.  Appearing prominently across all of Myers' artist genres his animals delight art lovers with their simplicity and happy nature.

City Mouse Series
City Mouse Series

As the story goes, Malcolm was painting in his studio one day in NYC, and spied a small mouse sitting on the table next to him, watching him paint.  His mouse visitor became a regular spectator and an inspired character in many paintings (with cameos in intaglio works) for the rest of Malcolm's career. 

Walking the Dog
Walking the Dog (in NYC)


Malcolm Myers love of animals extened to his own fury family -- namely the various dogs (specifically poodles) that he own in his lifetime.  As evidenced by this painting series, his love of "Walking the Dog" -- especially in New York City where he spent much time during vacations and sabbaticals -- was something that profoundly influenced his art.  We probably all would do well to enjoy more "Walking the Dog".

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