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Just Bloom
A Chrysanthemum Inspired Celebration 

Michael Griffin

September 15 - October 2, 2023

In his new show "Just Bloom" Michael Griffin expands on his Chrysanthemum flower inspired series -- taking his popular oil forms to higher levels of dimensional color, light and depth.

From Michael Griffin:

As an artist, I find inspiration in the abundance of botanical life that surrounds us.  The vibrant colors, forms and textures provide a constant source of visual stimulation.


I’ve always had a particular fascination with “starburst” forms found in nature.  Their symmetry and structure are a wonder and the colorful blooms are a treat for the eyes.


Over the years I’ve used the Chrysanthemum as my inspiration for a number of my works.  I’ve utilized bold colors as well as black and white to cover the entire canvas in overlapping blooms.  I’ve also created some that include negative space where the blooms appear to float on the canvas.


All of these pieces were monochromatic.


This year I’ve pushed the design a step further and created pieces which contain multiple shades and hues of the chosen color on the canvas.  This gives each unique piece more depth and variation.


One characteristic that all of my Chrysanthemum pieces have in common with my original abstract work is an emphasis on heavy texture which gives each piece a sculpture like appearance.  This is achieved by liberally applying the oil paint with hundreds if not thousands of strokes with my pallet knife.


I hope you will find them a visual celebration as well!

Enjoy the Show!
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