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Michael Griffin

Impasto Abstract for Palm Springs Lovers.

From Michael Griffin:

I am a native of San Francisco, and grew up in the Bay Area.


My professional career has taken me from retail to small business owner to working for the San Mateo County AIDS Program.  My husband Mark and I have had a home in Palm Springs since 2000 and permanently relocated to the desert in 2007.

I have always applied my creativity to a variety of projects and have been painting commercially for the last 15 years.  I paint in both acrylics and oils but have also created works using multi-media.

My art encompasses both graphic and abstract composition with an emphasis on vibrant color, bold design and layers of texture -- using the "Impasto Technique", layering paint directly on the canvas and then working with palette knives to blend and texturize.

I feel that each unique piece that I create comes from part imagination and part instinct and represents part of me. However, I also choose not to name my pieces, letting the appreciator or new owner create their own connection to each artwork.

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