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In the Same Boat

Open Now Thru February 15

Darcie Book continues to WOW art lovers in Texas and here in Palm Springs,

with her mash up of paint and sculpture -- pushing and expanding the boundaries of what it means to be an artist in both of those mediums.


In the Same Boat

by, Darcie Book


I view my studio as a laboratory where I develop innovative processes to

explore acrylic paint as a sculptural material.  A common thread through

my practice over the years is an exploration of intersectional spaces, areas where

two independent concepts overlap.  For instance, my current body of work pushes

the boundaries and possibilities of paint by navigating the realms between

the two- and three-dimensional, between painting and sculpture. 

These disparate modes of creation function in unison.  They are In the Same Boat, sharing the same experiences and working toward the same goals.


This work keeps intact the vitality that wet paint possesses as raw material. 

Paint protrudes into space and defies gravity, appearing to ooze or flow as it makes

its departure from the two-dimensional picture plane.  While my work embodies a

sense of the otherworldly, I am interested in how the heightened physicality of the

paint may generate corporeal resonance, and elicit desire or longing.


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