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New Blood Pop (aka Brad Novak)

Pop art from New Zealand that keeps our childhood dreams alive.

From New Blood Pop:

New Blood Pop is concerned with how we experience life itself, the 21st century issues we face such as inequalities in wealth and health, sustainability and globalization.  I'm also interested in the idea of escapism especially through science fiction and the superhero franchise.  Of the things we choose to believe, what's real, and what's not?  These works are global, flagrant, iconic and ironic.

I endeavor to create powerful multi-layered works, with an emblazoned foreground overlaying a 'veiled' background, to show that many of us are living life through a distorting veil, clouding our perception.  Our awareness tainted by biases and judgments - a fantasy that we've created for ourselves - the practice of mindfulness promises salvation.

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