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Greg Gossel

Jan 17  to  Feb 2, 2020

Reception:  Saturday, Jan 18, 6-9 pm

“Face the Music” is a new solo exhibition by Wisconsin-based artist Greg Gossel, featuring over 100 new original works on canvas and vintage LPs.  The artist explores themes of creation, inspiration and loss through a series of vibrant pop portraits featuring an eclectic selection of musicians who are no longer with us.  


Aesthetically, Gossel continues to push his signature mixed-media approach with brightly colored large-scale works on canvas, and delves into new territory with an expansive series on repurposed vinyl records.  A collage of vintage tabloids and discarded comic book pages act as a base for the brightly colored layers of spray paint, acrylic, and silkscreen ink -- creating an exhibition of iconic portraits that are instantly recognizable, while simultaneously offering an intricate depth for those who delve below the surface.

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