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Malcolm Myers - Paintings:

The following is an overview of

Abstract and Abstract Expressionism

paintings currently in the Malcolm Myers Estate Collection.

This collection is divided into Categories and Series.

Please contact the gallery directly to inquire about any specific artwork.

Click on each image to see work-specific details.

Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Expressionism


Abstract Expressionism is arguably one of the most influential artistic movements of the 20th century.  Myers wasn't immune from the influence of the famous "Ab Ex" artists of the time -- in fact he knew and painted alongside many of them. 


Myers has been noted by art critics as a great creator of Ab Ex paintings, even though it is not what is is most famously know for, namely his intaglio printmaking.



Myers' love of Abstract painting spanned his entire career -- from the 1940's until his passing in 2002.

From whimsical figurative, animals and landscapes to Mid-Century styled minimalistic and geometric abstracts -- there is something for every abstract lover to find amazing in Malcolm Myers legacy.

Grey Paper Series
The Grey Paper Series, 1980

These works are a series of untitled abstracts utilizing gouache paint on textured Grey Cardstock  -- all painted in 1980.

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