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Malcolm Myers - Paintings:
Figurative Series

The following is an overview of

Themed Figurative

paintings currently in the Malcolm Myers Estate Collection.

This collection is divided into Categories and Series.

Please contact the gallery directly to inquire about any specific artwork.

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Circus Series

We aren't exactly sure what was inspiring about the Circus to Malcolm Myers but it was a topic he painted over and over from the 1970's onward.  Of course his iconic animal characters appear -- the bear and mouse among others -- and of course the circus clown in all their iterations.

Wise Guys
Wise Guys

Malcolm Myers spent a lot of time in New York -- both during WWII and afterward, staying at friends' lofts and studios during sabbaticals and on simple vacations from his years of teaching.  Needless to say, during those years (in the age of the "Godfather" movies) the mid-century mafioso element of NYC gave rise to this work.  The fun and quirky Wise Guys Series is his take on a most American character genre.


Mythology was a topic for paintings and Intaglio work Malcolm Myers was so well known for.  Having spent time in Paris in the early 1950's, he rubbed elbows with Chagall and Miro among others -- artists who would later be very famous for their flying angelic figures and mythological themes. 

Bordello Series