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Terrence Payne

There is nothing quite like the dark humor & large scale story-telling of Terrence Payne!



Terrence resides in Minneapolis Minnesota, and has exhibited his work at galleries, universities and museums throughout the Midwest.  His work can be found in private, corporate, and museum collections around the globe.


Terrence’s artwork has received critical acclaim and recognition from media outlets such as Beautiful Decay, Juxtapoz, Dwell Magazine, Bust Magazine, It’s Nice That, The Jealous Curator, Boooooom, and The Minneapolis Star Tribune to name a few.  


In the spring of 2002 Terrence founded what was to become the longest running artists collective in Minneapolis called Rosalux Gallery.  He has served as the leader of Rosalux since the beginning, helping over 80 Minnesota artists realize their artistic ambitions and further their studio careers through their relationship with the gallery.


The main theme found in Terrence Payne’s artwork is community.  He is interested in how people use their relationships with one another to build on their own identity as well as to influence the behaviors of those around them. Terrence uses the aggravated playfulness of his large-scale oil pastel drawings to create archetypical portraits of specific types of individuals which -- when put together in groups -- portray segments of communities and their relationships with one another.


He accomplishes this by using an accessible visual language along with refined organic forms, text, patterns and costuming to lure his viewer in and create a relationship with his work based on shared experience.  Typically Terrence will use a single pattern to unify a body of work and identify the overall theme of that community and then let the figures, objects and narratives define the individuals within that community.  The humorous and empathetic allegories resulting from Payne’s creations may leave more questions than answers to his initial queries, but will surely offer entertaining comforts for his audience nonetheless.

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