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Michael Griffin

September 3 - 22, 2020

With his Show "Integrate" Michael Griffin regales us with his signature multi-color Impasto style

while also pushing his texture experiments into rich, Mid-Century inspired monotones.

From Michael Griffin:

Integrate [in-ti-greyt]: To bring together, combine or complete to produce a whole.



This most basic definition of the word “integrate” best describes both the process and end result:

which becomes “my” art.


I primarily work with oils because they afford me the ability to combine the colors into a multitude of shades

and variations.  Oils also allow me to achieve a range of textures by building up and manipulating the layers of

paint to achieve my desired effect.


Watching a piece evolve from it’s most primitive state, blobs of paint on a blank canvas, into a melding

of colors, shades and textures is what excites, confounds and ultimately rewards me.


I must admit that the unique process which gives birth to my work is one that I don’t completely comprehend.

It involves countless, yet deliberate, swipes at the canvas with my palette and putty knives as I begin

to blend colors and build texture.  This is all done in a very focused if not trance-like state.  I then evaluate

how much time is needed to let a piece sit and dry before adding the next layer of color or highlight.

Throughout this entire process I continuously survey the canvas from every angle as I rely on the piece,

as well as my instinct, to convey what’s needed for completion.


I seldom title my abstract pieces.  I prefer to invite the viewer to experience the piece in their

own way.  To develop their own interpretation and evoke their own emotions.  Observing

this interaction between the viewer and my work is what I find most gratifying and inspiring.

This is my ultimate goal in wanting to create and present my work.


Welcome to Michael Griffin's: "Integrate"
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