About Rubine Red

1st Art.jpg

Watching my mother doing decoupage in the 1970's...

Hanging Ansel Adams posters in my dorm in the 1980's...

Furnishing my first home with IKEA art in the 1990's...


Those experiences were as close to "real art" as this midwestern boy ever got -- until spring of 2003, when on a Saturday afternoon walk, I wandered into the Soo Visual Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.


That day I bought my first piece of original art.  I was hooked.


Actually it was a grouping of four (see inset) mixed-media paintings by Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD) student Caleb Coppock.


The creativity was inspiring and the thought of having someone's original creation hanging in my home gave me so much joy.  


Now all these years later, Rubine Red is a dream come true.


Hopefully our love of all art, but especially art that arguably fits into the "New Contemporary Art Movement", shines bright on the gallery walls and in our efforts to create a space where visitors are inspired by what they see and feel.  


Art continues to challenge us.  It is personal.  Seeing a work one day may raise up a melancholy memory, then the next day...bring a smile. 


We also hope that the work we show and sell in the heart of Palm Springs, inspires and casts a bright light on the artists we represent.


May you love what you experience here as much as we do.


Jason Howard, Owner/Curator

Rubine Red Gallery opened in Palm Springs in early 2019.


Along with a 25-year background in print production, sales and design in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market, Jason spent more than 10 years volunteering and advising as a board member, executive committee member and board president of the Soo Visual Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.


As a community-based non-profit gallery, the Soo's mission is to promote under-represented and emerging artists.

Visit the Soo at www.soovac.org.