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Paint It Blonde

Paint It Blonde


Jose Navarro

Paint It Blonde

Photography & Digital Collage,  Face-Mounted to 1/4" Acrylic

16"h x 16"w x 1.25"d

Frameless with 1" Thick Wall/Hanging Bracket Affixed to Back



All works are editioned (by size)

and are available in any of these dimensions: 

16"h x 16"w (Edition of 20) = $550

24"h x 24"w (Edition of 10) = $980

36"h x 36"w (Edition of 5, on 3/8" Acrylic) = $2,100

48"h x 48"w (Edition of 3, on 3/8" Acrylic) = $3,900

Custom sizes available.

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