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Nick Dodge

Dodge Main

Intricate, colorful and spectacular attention to detail using inlaid Acrylic Marquetry.

Born 1989 Denton TX, Nick Dodge is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles California.  Dodge is currently focused on exploring techniques using raw materials as his mediums and refining them.

At a young age Nick was fascinated with the processes used in manufacturing.  A balance of mechanical repetition and large quintiles captivate the artist. 

Dodge’s main medium is acrylic plexiglass.  The reason for this choice, as Dodge explains, is that once the protective film is removed from an acrylic sheet, the individual is left with a “Perfect Object”.


This Perfect Object is exactly what it was intended to be.  Free of blemishes or wear.  Indeed, perfection is a key factor Dodge strives to recreate in all forms of his works.


Another reason the Artist chooses this medium is his fixation with the  strange duality the plexiglass offers — it is a symbol that some things are better off left alone — a vicious cycle of chasing perfection while dismantling it accidentally.


From Nick Dodge:

A good part of my work is abstract in nature, but also the subtleties and themes revolving around everyday life can be found.  The work follows a sort of narrative in life: chaos, patterns, love, self-reflection, nostalgia and consequences.

Some of my pieces are just simple objects that are aesthetically pleasing to me.  I feel a lot better once they are living in the world rather than my head.  I don't feel all art has to have a deeper meaning.


One of my goals is to connect people to a material that now has mostly negative connotations.  To create a lasting relationship with this monster that we can’t live without: PLASTIC.

There is something very human about changing one’s mind, and we’ve done that collectively when it comes to some materials. 


Like diamonds, plastics are also forever.

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