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Malcolm Myers
in Paris
at Atelier 17, 1951-52

February 10 -  March 7, 2023

Rubine Red Gallery presents a retrospective exhibition of Paintings, Etchings and Intaglio works by famous American Printmaker and Painter Malcolm H. Myers -- during the time he spent in Paris, France in 1951-52. 


Myers created at Stanley (Bill) Hayder's world-famous Paris printmaking studio, Atelier 17, on the first of his two prestigious Guggenheim Fellowships (France and subsequently, Mexico).


There he worked alongside peers including Joan Miró and experimented with new and novel techniques such a incorporating stencils and even spray paint into the centuries old medium of Etching and Intaglio.  While there he also painted local landscapes, cityscapes and people of France in the exploding genres of Abstraction and Abstract Expressionism.  His time there helped cement his legacy as a true American Great in the art of Printmaking and Painting.  


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