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Tara Costello

Landscape with the unique shine and texture of Venetian Plaster.

From Tara Costello:

I have been developing an abstract language through painting to contemplate aspects of the landscape.  I am particularly interested in the interplay of land, sky and cityscape.  I work with rich shiny Venetian plaster and trowels on wood panel.  The plaster is a malleable material and used in layers -- it allows me to question aspects of time, light and space.  I paint to find beauty in the tension between the illusion of a felt space and the primitive mark that created it.



Tara lives and work in Minneapolis, MN and received her BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design She has

exhibited work nationally and internationally at galleries including: The Burren College of Art in Ireland; The National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh;  Soo Visual Art Center, MN;  Local, MN; Circa Gallery, MN; Artistry, MN; Sears Peyton Gallery, NY.  Her gallery affiliations are Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis, MN, the longest running artist collective in Minnesota and Rubine Red Gallery in Palm Springs, CA. 


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