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Color Wheel

Jennifer Davis


Michael Soltis

March 19 - April 4, 2022

Opening Reception:

Saturday,  March 19

5 pm to 8 pm

From RRG curator, Jason Howard:


If ever there was an appropriate show title...this is it.


Having admired Jennifer Davis' decidedly happy and lively work for years...

and then getting to know Michael Soltis' work recently...

I couldn't wait to pair them up for a gallery show.  

And no one can deny the colorful vibe that these two artists give the world. 

RRG is pleased to launch Michael Soltis into our line-up. 


We are also thrilled to have large scale works from Jennifer Davis. 

If you know her work and career you know how rare it is for her to paint large scale! 

So, I guess all my arm twisting worked!


Join us for this glorious romp around the Color Wheel!

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