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New Work by James Rieck

November  11 - December 5, 2022

Noir Realism and Fantastical Modernism -- James Rieck is a master oil painter.  We are very excited and proud to present a show of new work by this amazing Joshua Tree artist.

Décor (dāˈkôr) – the furnishing and decoration of a room

It’s fashion for the home, but often considered superficial because “real” art is more than decoration, right?  But what’s the difference between décor art and fine art?   Rieck’s new paintings play a high-low game. 


Décor is the subject of the new paintings, but the images of the objects present more than the advertisement they are drawn from.  Rendered surface textures, floral fabric, glass ashtray, plastic pencil sharpener and a fuzzy bathmat evoke the senses and woo the viewer.  By cropping the ads and painting them, it offers another look.  The object’s low rank is reevaluated and the paintings lift up the décor to a new status.


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