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Christopher Rowley


Lush Fiber Creations that are Bold and Graphic and Pop on the Wall.

From Christopher Rowley:

I create paintings, often using traditional rug-making and embroidery techniques, to explore both a formal and content-driven relationship with contemporary abstraction; I am predominantly drawn to color, shape, line, and (more recently) texture. These elements constitute the vernacular I use to investigate the content of my work. 

Ideas of both seen and unseen logic inherent within systems are my primary focus. I am interested in systems of process, perception, documentation, and interaction. Engaging with these systems (whether literal or metaphorical) provides an opportunity to contemplate the absurd complexities that govern personal experiences.  

More specifically I am currently focused on developing abstractions that are derived from, and related to, mechanical components and piping constructs. The tubes, connectors, conduits, fluids, and mechanisms referenced in the work appear to be part of an almost infinite system or series of systems to be revealed through diligent exploration.

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