Robert Murphy

A modernist abstracted take on desert photography around Palm Springs.


Robert spends a great deal of time in the Palm Springs area making images of the desert using photography and digital editing.

For any photographer even a moderate sight problem would be a steep challenge. Robert however uses his eye condition as a tool to show us how he sees the world.


This approach gives his photography an added layer of depth and interest—and the viewer a fascinating glimpse
Into his world behind the camera.

From Robert Murphy:

I began to think of myself as an Artist very early in my life.  I was 19 years old when I started seeing life from a new perspective and it stirred my curiosity.  It was the time I decided that there was a big world out there and I told myself that I was going to see it.  I attended the University of Minnesota and as I learned about our world I started taking photographs of my hometown.  It was the first time that I truly looked at my community and I discovered a place that I didn't know existed.

The years rolled by and times continued to change.  My vision of the world changed too as did my work as an artist.  I found new ways to show the complexity of life and my work began to speak about what it is like to be human.  I discovered the desert region of Southern California and I found it to be a source of inspiration.  My years working in the desert along with my hometown photographs have led me to understand that places and communities influence the hopes, dreams and expectations of the person.  I realized early on that I was more interested in the psychological aspects of art and the appearance of things is only part of the experiential equation.  My photography and paintings that make reference to the land have become a diverse linear collection of experience and creative investigations. 

Early in my career I was very fortunate to be awarded fellowships from the Jerome Foundation, The Minnesota State Arts Board and the McKnight Foundation.  I believe that the support I received from those organizations helped me to find a way to live a life of creativity.  Over the years I have shared my work and creative experiences in many ways including gallery and museum exhibitions, corporate consulting and teaching.  My work is in both public and private collections.