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José Navarro

Vivid.  Impactful.  Humorous. 

Modern.  Glossy.  Sleek. 

Deceptively Simple Social Commentary.

About José Navarro:

​José Navarro is a creative and art director in an advertising agency in Asturias, Northern Spain. In his free time he creates visual poetry that he shares with the world on social networks.

His work is a reflective look at everyday objects and places, which he manipulates and decontextualizes to give them new meaning, almost always with a nod to humor, social criticism or pop culture.

With the aim of awakening a reflective thought or provoking a smile in his viewer, José Navarro takes advantage of the immediacy of consumption typical of social networks to launch concise and direct messages, devoid of any accessory that does not align with the message being communicated.

Each composition is a kind of two-piece puzzle in which the result is intended to be more than the sum of its parts.  Colorful backgrounds, pure forms and symmetrical compositions are the hallmark of José Navarro's work, which he defines as an attempt to communicate a creative message in the most synthetic, direct and beautiful way possible.

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