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Charles Phoenix

It's the Mid-Century Vibe All the Way!

From Charles Phoenix:

The desire to create and leave something behind after I’m gone was clear to me at the age of four. I’ve always thought of myself as the “artistic” type. I’ve spent my life studying style and design. Mid-century is my muse. Among my many fascinations and inspirations are vintage TV’s. They’ve always attracted my eye. As a child of the 60s and 70s, not only did I enjoy watching Television shows, I enjoyed the TV sets themselves. They were like a piece of furniture made with richly stained woods, shapely screens and sparkling speaker grill cloth. The variety of TV cabinet styles matched the popular interior décor themes and furniture styles of the era: Contemporary, Modern, Early American, Ranch, French Provincial and more. 

For my IN LIVING COLOR series of acrylic on canvas paintings, I interpreted various TV cabinet styles as though they might have appeared illustrated in a manufacturers brochure or magazine ad. Each TV is “signed” as though Phoenix is the brand name.  

Mid-century pop culture expert, Charles Phoenix is a performer, author and collector celebrating classic and kitschy American life and style. He is known for his spirited live “slide show” performances, classic car JOYRIDE videos, colorful coffee table books, eye-popping “test kitchen” creations and fun “field trip” tours.


The New York Times says: “Call him the King of Retro.”


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