Nicholas William

Exploring creative, spacial concepts in paint and mixed media as observations of the world around us.

From Nicholas William:

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Inspiration comes from the space where your creative thoughts are most active.  Once the work is done and leaves that space, it changes. I t has a different power. 

Curiosity, Communication, Micro-Cultures, Digital Technologies and Education.

Living during this age of rapid technological growth, the Millennial Generation grew up side by side with many of our current technologies.  We started with Walkmans and cassettes - while almost skipping cds, which then grew into mp3s and now streaming services.  These early advancements reached the middle class during the 1990s which also happened to be a time of financial stability in the United States. But as our dial up internet grew faster - so did our technology. And within 8 years of Y2K, Millennials witnessed first hand the invention of dial up internet, the dot com boom, Googles IPO; hell, “to Google” was even added to our dictionaries! Wiki Leaks was born, the Trade Centers fell, Napster rocked the music industry, Facebook becomes global sensation all while Great Recession essentially dissolves the middle class.  These events and many more all happened before Millennials finished college.

This is where I come from.

From my early simple shapes to my current smooth line-work, my studio practice has now grown into something that feels familiar but removed from its standard context.

With our ability to access each other so quickly and share so much information - I believe that we started to see ourselves capable of collapsing time and distance.  This “capability” seems to be surpassing our control.

How you originally identified the symbol at the beginning of this “artist statement” may reflect how you translate the work.