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Michael Griffin

September 3 - 22, 2020

Opening Day:  Saturday,  Sept 5,  11 am to 8 pm

With his Show "Integrate" Michael Griffin regales us with his signature multi-color Impasto style

while also pushing his texture experiments into rich, Mid-Century inspired monotones.


Integrate [in-ti-greyt]: To bring together, combine or complete to produce a whole.



This most basic definition of the word “integrate” best describes both the process and end result:

which becomes “my” art.


I primarily work with oils because they afford me the ability to combine the colors into a multitude of shades

and variations.  Oils also allow me to achieve a range of textures by building up and manipulating the layers of

paint to achieve my desired effect.


To participate in the "Collector Preview" of Integrate, Please email us HERE.

View & Shop "Integrate" -- Coming Soon!
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