Palm Springs Pride Show
All Male Review
The Male Form in Art

October 22 - November 8, 2021

Opening Reception:  Saturday,  Oct 23,  5 to 9 pm

Group Show Featuring:

Joe Sinness - Color Pencil Realism

Troy Schooneman - Portraiture Photography

Melissa Wilkinson - Painting Portraiture

Russ White - Painting, Drawing, Collage

James Frederick Bone - Drawing

Colin Roberts - Bronze

Gabriel Garbow - Watercolor

Milo Quam - Drawing

Rubine Red gallery presents All Male Revue, a group exhibition highlighting the many renditions of the male form in art.  The history of the male form, as depicted in Western Art, even today remains focused on the depiction and promotion of the hyper-masculine portrait of virility and dominance under the guise of exaggerated musculature and an almost-supernatural physique.


Reality aside, the idealism of the dominant “manly” hero has been a staple in Western fine art and a perfect propaganda tool in asserting authority and reenforcing cultural norms.  From the Greco-Roman era to the renaissance and Michelangelo, this idealized form of eroticism (whether realistic or not) tends to persist.


The questioning of what it means to be masculine is not a contemporary phenomenon.  Donatello’s sculpture from 15th century David is a perfect example of a demure and androgynous young male who succeeds in defeating the much-larger Goliath.  However, this depiction is in stark contrast to Western Art’s expectations of the male form and is, in fact, often vilified. 

In contemporary society, where norms, aesthetics and assumptions about masculinity and gender are currently in flux, the definitions of what it means to be masculine (or feminine) is being reexamined. 


Importantly, we wish the exploration of forms and representations in our show could be more expansive and perfectly in-tune with all aspects of the male form in art (and current societal movements).  Moreover, we hope this show inspires talk and wonder and thought on all of the important topics the show navigates.


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